1a. Assignment 1a.
Due September 7

Send me a 100-word bio and head shot of you to share with the class. When you send me an assignment as an email attachment please label it with your name and the number of the assignment (ex. Mozart 1a). I will share your bio with the class.

1b.  Assignment 1b.
Due September 14

600 words: The Role of Music and Dance in My Life

Write an autobiographical statement about the cultural environment in which you grew up. Share with me some significant memories of music and/or dance experiences.

2. Assignment 2.
Due October 5

600 words: New York Composers
Watch the following videos:

A Short History of New York City

Aaron Copland: A Self-Portrait

Gershwin’s “Summertime”

Report things you found interesting about each. This is a personal reaction paper. Was this a worthwhile assignment? What stays with you?

3. Assignment 3.
Due November 16

600 words: Comparing Music Videos
Watch these videos about 20th century masters and compare them. Report back to me what was meaningful to you. This is a personal reaction paper.

Orchestral Music in the 20th Century

Stravinsky’s Journey

Charles Ives American Pioneer

4. Assignment 4.
Due November 16

600 words: The Metropolitan Museum Treasure Hunt
This is an experiential report on your trip to the museum. Use the form in your textbook as a worksheet. What do you remember the next day?

5. Assignment 5.
Due December 14

You are to attend a concert at Carnegie Hall and report back to me about your before, during, and after concert experience. This is a personal reaction paper. Do not save this for the last minute or you will be sorry. Check which concerts have $10 student tickets.